1986 RAC Rally - McRae

1986 Lombard RAC Rally.

This brand new DVD consists of recently discovered un-seen professional footage of the 1986 Lombard RAC Rally.

Watch again as the 6R4's, RS200's, Lancia Deltas and Peugeot 205's do battle in what was to be the last European Rally for the Group B turbo cars. Includes contemporary interviews with David Llewellyn, Tony Pond, Louise Aitken-Walker, Jimmy McRae and Timo Salonen.

Total running time is 59 minutes.

For those of you who can't wait, here is a short clip:

The video is priced at £17.00 for UK residents (£19.00 outside the UK), this includes P & P.

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Photographs copyright and courtesy of David Harbey.

1986 RAC Rally - Sundstrom
1986 RAC Rally - Lovell 1986 RAC Rally - Ericsson
1986 RAC Rally - Blomquist 1986 RAC Rally

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